Pittsburgh, PA Dry Ice Distributor Wholesale and Retail

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Pittsburgh, PA Dry Ice Distributor Wholesale and Retail

Established in 1966, Kelly Dry Ice Co., Inc. has served the needs of the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas with Dry Ice Products for fifty years. We are a
wholesale and retail distributor supplying dry ice for sale in various forms. If you’re in
need of dry ice for industrial, commercial, manufacturing, or consumer use, contact
 or just stop by. We keep a supply of Dry Ice on hand.

With Kelly Dry Ice as your Dry Ice Supplier, you’ll receive excellent customer service
and high quality product with every order. Our customers always come first.

Kelly Dry Ice Co., Inc. is located in Pittsburgh (Bellevue), Pennsylvania.
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Get Dry Ice for the
Halloween Season

Dry ice is good for Halloween special effects.  One popular use is to place dry ice in a cauldron or bucket (metal or plastic), then add hot water to create fog for your Halloween party, or display. Dry Ice in solid form lasts longer and works better than pellets.

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What is Dry Ice?

Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide.   Read more...

How is Dry Ice Made

Dry Ice is made from carbon dioxide. 

Dry Ice Safety 

If you’re handling dry ice for the first time, please see our safety instructions.


Adding dish soap to water will create bubbles.

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