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Kelly Dry Ice Company Inc. manufactures Dry Ice Solid Block, Standard Dry Ice Pellets (16mm, 5/8″) and High-Density Dry Ice Blasting Pellets (3mm, 1/8″). Kelly Dry Ice is the largest dry ice supplier in the Western Pennsylvania / Tri-state area including West Virginia and Ohio. Family-owned and operated, Kelly Dry Ice was established in 1966 and is a third-generation business serving the needs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Butler PA, and surrounding areas with Dry Ice Products for over fifty years. If you need dry ice for industrial, commercial, manufacturing, medical labs, pharmaceutical, dry ice blasting, or consumer use, contact us or just stop by. We keep a supply of Dry Ice on hand.

With Kelly Dry Ice as your Dry Ice Supplier, you will receive excellent customer service and high-quality product with every order. Our customers always come first. Kelly Dry Ice is located in Pittsburgh* Pennsylvania (*near Bellevue, PA in Allegheny County). (Click here for direction map.)

Dry Ice Products

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Standard Pellets (16mm,  5/8″)

HD Blasting Pellets (3mm, 1/8″)

What is Dry Ice?

Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide (CO2) – frozen carbon dioxide. It is extremely cold (-109°F) and completely dry. It’s called “dry ice” because it doesn’t melt into a wet liquid. Dry ice sublimates, going from its solid form directly to its gaseous form (carbon dioxide), bypassing the liquid state.

How is Dry Ice Made?

Dry ice is made from carbon dioxide gas. It’s made by compressing carbon dioxide gas until it liquefies to form liquid CO2. When the pressure is released, some of the liquid will transition into a gas, cooling some of the liquid into dry ice snow, which can be collected and pressed into dry ice pellets or solid dry ice blocks.

Commercial Use

Industrial Use

Consumer Use

Please see our safety instructions when handling dry ice

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