Dry Ice Uses and Applications

Kelly Dry Ice Company is located in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania and sells dry ice for commercial and consumer use.  Whether you need dry ice for a small project or you have a big job and need a large quantity, Kelly Dry Ice is your go to dry ice source.

Some common uses for dry ice include Pharmaceutical, Medical Labs / Biomedical, Food & Beverage, Industrial, Manufacturing, Metal Fabrication, Scientific and Chemical Research.  Contact Kelly Dry Ice Company for your Dry Ice needs.

Dry Ice Industrial and Commercial Uses:

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning / Cleaning Solutions – Dry ice blasting is an effective and environmentally friendly way to clean industrial equipment and is used in many industries. Use dry ice for Blast Cleaning equipment to remove residues such as ink, oil, grease, tar, paint, mold and other toxins. Blast Cleaning can also be used to remove smoke damage after fires.

Metal Fabrication/Shrink Metal into Tight-Fitting Applications – Use dry ice to chill and shrink parts for ease of removal and fitting.

Loosen Asphalt Floor Tiles – Use dry ice to loosen tiles to make lifting and removing tile easier.

Meat Processing – Dry ice can be used by the meat processing industry to cool meat after processing and for shipping.

Speed Asphalt and Concrete Cooling – Dry ice is often used as a cooling agent and works well to speed asphalt and concrete cooling.

Repair Car Dents – With the right process, dry ice can be used to remove dents in vehicles.

Agriculture – Use dry ice for freeze-branding cattle, and to preserve grain & seeds.

Safer Fuel Tanks – Use dry ice to make fuel tanks safer for removal and transport by purging flammable fumes.

Plumbing – Use dry ice to freeze water in valveless pipes to enable repairs.

Shipping – Use dry ice to ship medical products, or food and other perishables.

Dry Ice for Medical Use: Dry ice is used in many medical facilities as well as by medical couriers needing dry ice for medicine storage.

Enhancing plant growth:  The CO2 given off by dry ice stimulates the growth of plants and is used by CBD growers to enhance the growth of their plants.

Food Processing:  Dry Ice is used to keep frozen foods frozen or chilled. For large volume food customers, we use food safe bin liners that protect from unwanted debris.  Small volume customers can receive the Dry Ice in paper bags that are safe for using with food.

Dry Ice Consumer Use

Food and Beverage – Dry ice can be used to flash-freeze food, carbonate beverages, make ice cream and root beer. Dry ice is useful for preserving frozen foods when freezers are not available.

Emergency Refrigeration and Power Outages – Use dry ice to maintain refrigerator and/or freezer while power is out.  The right amount of dry ice can maintain the cold for up to three days.

Transporting Refreshments for Picnics and Vacation – With dry ice, you can take Popsicles, ice cream or other refrigerated and frozen items on your outings without the need for electricity.  See chart below for dry ice suggested amounts.

Camping, Hunting, Fishing, Tailgating, Boating, etc. – Use dry ice to keep food cold all day without the water mess found with regular ice. You can use dry ice to freeze game or fish for transporting home, or to preserve your trophy until you take to your taxidermist.

Halloween – Dry ice is good for Halloween special effects.  One popular use is to place dry ice in a cauldron or bucket (metal or plastic), then add hot water to create fog for your Halloween party, or display.

Educational – Dry ice can be used for science experiments and demonstrations.

Ice Cream Socials – Dry ice will keep ice cream frozen without the need for electricity.

Mosquito Traps and Bed Bug Traps – Use dry ice to bait mosquitos and bed bugs.  Insects are attracted to the carbon dioxide making dry ice an effective method for trapping bed bugs and mosquitos.

Eliminate Moles and Gophers – Use dry ice as a safe and non-toxic way to eliminate moles and gophers.  This method suffocates critters with the carbon dioxide released when the dry ice sublimates.

Cold Caps for Chemotherapy Patients – Use dry ice in Cold Caps that were designed to help prevent hair loss during chemotherapy.

Shipping – Use dry ice to ship foods and other perishables to keep frozen or from spoiling.

Shipping With Dry Ice

Dry Ice can be shipped by ground service using FedEX, UPS, and the United States Postal Service.  Each carrier has their own unique policies and restrictions for shipping with dry ice and each will advise you on how to label and prepare your package for shipment.  Kelly Dry Ice can supply you with the Dry Ice shipping label for your package.

Suggested Packing Chart for Frozen Food
This chart is an ESTIMATE only. Kelly Dry Ice is not responsible for any changes.
Place Food on bottom; Dry Ice on top.

Tip to make dry ice last longer: Keep dry ice insulated by using a cooler and adding newspaper, paper bags, or cotton towels to take up excess air space. How long dry ice will last depends on the quality of the cooler, how it’s packed, and ambient temperature. Block dry ice typically lasts longer than pellets.

Please see our safety instructions when handling dry ice

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